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Music One Event DJs is committed to giving you a dependable service at a reasonable price.

Number of Music Lists: 7


Music List Length: 8 hrs


Music List Song Count: 130 - 140


Song Quality: High


Total Song Count: >1960


Song Filter: Strong (No Explicit wording - Content cannot be guaranteed)


Song Repetition: 2 times maximum per 2 week period.


Initial Song Rotation: 7 Playlists (56 Hours total content)


One additional Song List per  (140 Songs)


Maximum of 7 Lists available to play at any time.



1 Holiday Listing included, additional charges per list.


Songs can be easily randomized


Free Remote Technical Support


One On-Site visit included every year


Music screened for content


Playlist listings are available anytime


No specialized hardware needed


Customized Advertisements included



Monthly Subsciption

We are also able to service multi-location businesses. Ask us how! 







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