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Music helping your Brand.
How we can help your business - One song at a time.
Top artists
It's easy to make this claim in the digital age. Access to over 15 million songs gives you such vesatility with music choice and selection. 
Think of being able to select whole albums instead of just the one hit song.
Think of being able to get a full range of artists that you want to listen to - not just what someone else thinks you should listen to. 
Having access to so many songs makes creating an inclusive music program a truly positive experience.
Brand specific advertising
This is a very important part to letting guests or employees know what kind of services you offer, upcoming promotions or just welcoming people to your business. 
We can insert specific advertising messages to your music program that you have total control over - from creation to execution.
This service is a very cost effective method of putting your message out there easily and professionally.
Make sure you ask our sales rep about advertising options.
Music to match your brand
This is probably the single more important factor when deciding what you want when you're listening to music.
We want to choose music that matches what you think  your brand represents.
Even if you're looking for music for the office, we will choose a music program that everyone in the office can enjoy. Inclusive music is so important to a productive workplace.
Music One event DJs wants to make you happy to come to work and know that there is music waiting for you to enjoy.
Getting more than what you pay for.
Music One Event DJs doesn't want to sell you a service that you won't get the most out of.
A lot of Music services make big claims about how many different music stations they have, or about how often they update their music.
The bottom line is that we can do what the other music services do, but better. Why do you need 100 music channels when you only listen to 20?
Why not make those 20 channels you listen to amazing instead of just another playlist that repeats itself? 
24 / 7 Customer support.
Your account has access to total customer support. You get access to an actual person that knows the service inside and out, with easy troubleshooting solutions. 
Problem solved.
Total Quality Sound Experience
You get specific music programs that fits your business to perfection. Every song is meticulously chosen by pro DJs to suit the exact mood and flavor of your brand. This makes listening to the music at your location even better.
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